Regina Fike - Training and Consulting Services
Participant evaluations from the Annual Statewide Adoption Network Permanency Conference
  • Wonderful real-life experiences that provided a vast amount of insight into the unique issues presented in TFC.
  • I could listen to Regina all day! She has such great "nuggets" to share.
  • Thanks - absolute great use of my valuable time!
  • It was good to see the other side since I am a C&Y worker - great to learn where foster parents are coming from and to open my workers to work better with them
  • Kept my attention throughout entire session.
  • Presenters showed such enthusiasm and power when sharing stories.
  • Speaker has foster children/adopted children so can give first-hand experiences. Good information that can be used in all frames of life experiences
  • Wonderful presenter, funny, knowledgeable and most of all sincere.
  • You're awesome. God bless you and your family.
  • She's great! Bring her back! Give her more time!
  • Encouraged to do more as an advocate for children in foster care. Felt as if weren't alone.
  • Loved having a table! I always enjoy Regina - great speaker, great motivator.
  • Really good topic; more like it for next conference.
  • Good communicator, great insightful personal stories.
  • Good session - some new ways of seeing things.
  • Kept you interested with personal experiences while giving you training on how to be a better advocate.
  • Great/fantastic presenter! Presenter was very engaging, great energy and perspective.
  • She keeps the material moving and realistic to the work we do. Even after  years of working in the field she remains zealous to
          advocate for vulnerable populations of children.
  • Very moving/wonderful/touching stories, powerful/excellent presentation; inspiring
  • Thank you so much for sharing your family story.
  •  I was hoping this would have been a little longer; I could've listened to the stories all day.
  • Enjoyed hearing Nick's point of view.
  • I am incredibly impressed with your family. It's so wonderful from a caseworker's point of view to hear such wonderful, heartwarming stories. It's great to hear how these children have blessed your lives as well as your blessing them. We need more families in thisprocess like you.
  • It's great to hear how these children have blessed your lives as well as your blessing them. We need more families in this
          process like you.
  • The personal stories really helped to illustrate certain points that you were trying to make.
  • Hearing such a touching family story, it helps make our permanency with our foster daughter a blessing and privilege.
  • Extremely insightful, considering fostering and having two biological children. Considering "loss" as it would relate to them was not something I had thought about. Presentations will greatly help whatever future conversations may take place.
  • This was great. It is good to see someone has been where I have been. I needed to hear how other foster and adoptive parents/biological children were affected.
  • Great job - workers need to hear what families really go through when they open their homes.
  • It was very nice to hear this presentation from the foster family's point of view.
  • This was the best training so far for me.
  • The stories being recounted held relevance to the topic. The family's stories and involvement regarding the topic show how their personal experiences benefited and influenced their life. In turn, those experiences helped the audience understand that time andconsideration of the biological kids is huge when making a decision.

  • Really provided insight. As a caseworker it opened my eyes to the loss and grieving as well as other needs of the foster family. The profession is always so focused on the child's needs and the biological family that we sometimes forget to ensure the needs of foster family.
  • Not a dry eye in the room. It's nice to hear the perspective of a foster family. I work in social work, so it's educational to hear the other side of the story.
  • I enjoyed the Fikes. I could really relate to where they are coming from.
  • Could have used some tissues! I hope as a family with a biological daughter that agencies take pre-service training to heart.
  • You are a loving, compassionate, brave, great sense of humor family!
  • I get more out of workshops where real life experiences are shared - what helped the family and what they can share to help others in
  • Great job! Would love to see you back with Kareem and Nicholas. Having your kids on a panel would be great.
  • Excellent - real experience impacts other foster parents like nothing else - let's get this family to go on the training circuit across the state! The idea of training the children in the family is an expansion all trainers/agencies need to explore.
Forest - Warren County
Human Services
    "Regina's heartfelt life experiences relate to anyone involved in the child welfare system. The foster care program at Warren Couty Children and Youth had the opportunity to work with Regina, utilizing her service to begin a foster parent support group. She seamlessly bridged the gap between our small, rural county program, and her experience with public and private inner city foster care agencies. She spoke to management, agency staff, and foster families of the universal truths regarding foster care ~ the rewarding, challenging, amazing, and sometimes inconceivable experiences that touch any family looking to serve another family in need. Our support group has committed to meet monthly, and continues to evolve to accommodate the unique needs of our families. With Regina's consultation, we have solid foundational ideas to build upon."
Sarah Jesse
Foster Care Worker
Warren County Children and Youth
One of the goals of our agency this past year was to bolster the parent support piece for our resource families. Through researching other successful programs, we found Regina Fike, the president of a 900 member parent group in the Philadelphia area. One call to her and I knew I had found our mentor and catalyst.  Her heart is truly to meet the needs of resource families, regardless of where they are in the process. Regina provided the motivation, the direction, and the support to parents in my jurisdiction.  Resource families simply gravitate to her warmth and leadership. Our group has been meeting now for 4 months and it continues to grow!
Beth Mason
CFW Foster Care
Serving Clarke, Frederick, and Winchester Virginia Social Services
Penn State College of Medicine
  In January, I was honored to adress 2nd year medical students at Penn  State College of Medicine in Hershey PA, as part of the AMSI Health Policy Lecture Series.  Following are some of the post lecture evaluations from the medical students."This speaker was excellent -- very engaging. It offered a fresh perspective to which students are not routinely exposed. It sent a powerful message of the selfless, heartbreaking love that exists in a vast majority of today's foster homes within the state, despite a blurred public perception of the system at large."
"Mrs. Fike gave a captivating and thoughtful introduction to the local foster-care system.  Through her stories, I learned how it can sometimes be very difficult to find a temporary home for a child, especially for someone who is older, has medical concerns, or is reacting to traumatic experiences.  I became convinced that foster families donate incredible time and money to love strangers who they will most likely know only temporarily, in deep contrast to the abusive, greedy antagonists of TV shows and movies.  However, foster parents do have limitations in who they can take into their homes and for how long, and some of these limitations are more understandable than others.  Also, although the system is set up to protect children, there are some cases in which there is not enough information and the correct action is not immediately clear, and an erroneous judgement can be incredibly devastating to a child and his family rather than protective: for example, children failing to thrive due to undiagnosed medical problems can be taken from their families for purported neglect.  It is particularly in these cases, but also at times when relocation is the best decision, that the shuffling of children between families is heart-wrenching.  Still, I came away with a sense that the social services of foster care and adoption are necessary and beneficial, and I was inspired to do what I can to help this population to whom I had had little previous exposure."
"Mrs. Fike shed light on some of the ethically complex intersections
between foster care and medicine. By sharing her own very personal
experiences as a foster parent, she made me aware of issues that, as a
medical student, I'd never considered before. Her presentation was
extremely engaging on both an emotional and intellectual level, and I
enjoyed it thoroughly."
Our foster care organization has enjoyed many competent and interesting speakers in our in-service trainings for 100+ staff, but none as full of personality and passion for foster care as Regina Fike.  She not only teaches foster caring, she lives it!  Her whole family models positivity, from family meetings to birth parent integration with the foster family, to translating medical treatment plans into reality for the medically fragile children they’ve cared for (and adopted several of), this family has experienced all the joys and sorrows of fostering.  Regina presents their experiences and teaches how the whole triad – resource parent, birth parent, children and youth worker – can work supportively to help children in out of home care.  We wholeheartedly recommend her to you as a presenter.
Dr.Carolyn A. Eberwein
ChiefExecutive Officer
Children’sChoice, Inc.