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Living in the RADish Patch:
From Surviving to Thriving
If you love a child with a dx of Reactive Attachment Disorder, you know that life in the Radish Patch can be exhausting.
This training takes a brutal and personal look at Reactive Attachment Disorder, and its profound impact on families.
Participants will find hope as we redefine the way we think about parenting a RADish.  We share strategies that will help you move from merely surviving, to thriving life here in the "patch"
* This training is profoundly relevant to professionals who are working with children and families affected by RAD.
We are excited to announce that you can now purchase selected trainings on video!!  
We are pleased to be able to offer the "Raise Your Voice" advocacy training video and supporting training materials .  Of course, I'd much rather meet with your families face to face, but this is a great option for budget stretched organizations!  Contact us for details!
*Resource Parent Training Offerings
We offer  a wide range of training options on relevant Resource Familiy topics. A few of our most popular trainings are shown below. We will also work closely with your organization to create fun and exciting trainings, tailored specifically to your needs. Please call or e-mail us for more information on trainings, pricing, and custom options.
Improving Permanency Outcomes By Branding Service To Families
In a climate when many of our licensed homes are identified as adoptive resources, it is critically important to consistently define and support the role of the RP as servants of a client family, not just a child. 
This training seeks to redefine the role of the resource parent in achieving positive permanency outcomes. In this long overdue look at how RPs impact case evolution;
  • We examine every point along the continuum of agency and RP association, including recruitment, pre-service, inservice, and post service practices and identify places where agencies sometimes fail to prepare RPs to support re-unification goals.
  • We identify how these practices impact recruitment, RP satisfaction, retention and permanency outcomes.
  • We examine strategies for creating an organizational culture of service to families beyond the mission statement.
  • We look at factors that impact RP support for permanency goals, and offer strategies for addressing those factors.
The Other Voices of Foster Care
The Other Voices of Foster Care
Addressing the challenges of biological children in fostering families. Identifying issues of sibling rivalry, separation and loss, family dynamics and other issues from the perspective of our biological children. Strategies for mitigating challenges and including all family members in the work of fostering. Specific training on conducting family councils

Just for Fun; Make a Memory
In this innovative training, parents are deliberately led to think that they will have to endure a tedious and boring training. When they are convinced, we unleash an evening of fun and games. Hands on on games and activities that can be done with our children and families inexpensively. The training is conducted this way so that we can illustrate and reinforce the CT/ RT concept of the basic human need for fun. Fostering is hard work, this training serves to remind our families to actively look for moments to savor and enjoy the experience of family time. Warning: this training is loud and messy..........just for fun!

Just for Fun; Make a Memory
Making Connection; Serving Families
Making Connection; Serving Families
Making the case for resource families to cultivate positive relationships with biological families of children in care. Identifying positive outcomes for children, when such relationships are achieved. Addressing challenges and giving specific strategies for initiating, growing and maintaining appropriate relationships. A portion of this training specifically addresses issues relevant to families providing kinship care.
Raise Your Voice
This training focuses on helping resource parents enhance and refine their advocacy skills. We define advocacy as an ability to assess a child's needs across a broad spectrum and identify those needs to other members of the treatment team. We identify the various situations in which a RP is called on to be the front line advocate for a child in care; (ie: educational, medical, therapeutic settings etc), and teach strategies for communicating effectively. We also address how to identify and access resources.

Raise Your Voice
The Professional Resource Parent
The Professional Resource Parent
This training introduces the concept of Resource Parents as a vital part of the child welfare team. Responsibilities of the RP are discussed at length and we identify the skills and commitments necessary to do this work effectively. We identify the need for RPs to create "in family" and "out of family" support networks. A few topics addressed in this training include;
*knowing when and how to say no
*identifying our personal strengths and weaknesses *knowing when to ask for help
This training is excellent in a pre-service application, but is also very beneficial to seasoned resource parents.
 Community Outreach / Public Awareness
  We strive to educate the community about the challenges faced by foster and adoptive families and  children.  Media coverage of the recent PA State Budget impasse provided an opportunity to advocate for children in the child welfare system and the families who serve them.  Check out the link: VIDEO: Governor's Comments Draw Criticism From Foster Parents